Government Customer Support Update
for October 2006

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This week be sure to show your appreciation to all of the people who serve Government’s customers! Ideas are at

Nominations are being accepted through December 15th for the 2007 Government Customer Support Excellence Awards in the categories of teamwork, technical excellence, customer focus, and overall excellence. Guidelines for submission are linked from our web site and the winners will be announced at on May 7, 2007 at Government Customer Support Conference 2007.

The General Services Administration’s USA Services will host a meeting of agency partners and advocates on Tuesday, October 24th from 1:00 to 4:00 pm in the GSA Auditorium near George Washington University in downtown DC. The program will include updates on Citizen Service Level Interagency Committee activities and plans. For further information, email

The Citizen Service Level Interagency Committee is expanding guidelines contained in the original report You can see the latest additions at

Our sixth annual Government Customer Support Conference program will be held May 7-9, 2007 at the Hilton Alexandria Old Town -- just across the Potomac from Washington, DC. Stay tuned for program topics, registration, and full details!

Thanks to all of you who attended my Government sessions at HDP 2006 in San Antonio last week. I hope to see you again soon!

-- CLICK & LEARN! --

Key Performance Indicators
If you’re a Government employee or Government contract employee, CLICK HERE and respond to the following:

  1. At what level of Government do you work (Federal, state, or local)?
  2. What type of operation do you work in (help desk, call center, web portal, etc.)
  3. What metrics (up to three) do you most rely upon to monitor the effectiveness of the support you provide to customers?
  4. What metrics (up to three) do you most rely upon to monitor the efficiency (resource utilization) with which you support your customers?
  5. Do you want to network with others in Government on customer support metrics?
Results will be shared at the end of this eletter next month.



Web Site Winners

Quality Phone Service

Broadband Access

IPv6 Background

Government IT ROI

VOIP 911

Citizen Web Expectations

Customer Email and IM

Motivating the Front Lines

Web Satisfaction


VOIP Institute

Telework Coalition

Marketing Public Programs

Public Sector Success

Wireless and Emerging Technologies

Vulnerability Database


GCSC ’07 Presenter Call
If you have a session proposal you’d like to have considered for the program at Government Customer Support Conference 2007, send me a brief proposal ASAP and I’ll get it into consideration!

-- EVENTS --

IT Compliance, Washington, October 2-4

Customer Service Week, October 2-6

Managing Performance, Austin, October 4-6

Internet Telephony, San Diego, October 10-13

Government Open Source Conference, Portland, October 12-13

Continuity of Operations Symposium, Washington, October 18

Blogging & Podcasting, San Francisco, October 18-20

ICCM Canada, Toronto, October 23-25

Government Communicators, Washington, October 26

e-GovWorld, New Delhi, October 26-28

KM & Intranets, San Jose, October 31 – November 2

Mobile Business Expo, Chicago, October 31 – November 3

Streaming Media West, San Jose, October 31 – November 2

CIO ‘07, Chandler, AZ, November 5-7

ITIM 2006, Las Vegas, November 5-8

Contact Center World, Las Vegas, November 7-8

MadhyaPradesh.IT, Bhopal, November 9-11

Services Leadership, Washington, November 12-14

Security Conference & Expo, Washington, November 15-16

Government Communicators Conference, Washington, November 15-17


The Transformation of Customer Support

High Performance in Government


“Remember that all products have two components. The first component is the basic product or service itself. The second component is the information that surrounds the product. This information is what enables customers to search for and select your product, understand how to use it, and get the results and benefits they want from it.”
-- Mike Hugos in CIO Magazine

Happy Halloween!

-- Last Month's "Click and Learn" Responses --

Knowledge Management
Two thirds of the responses were Federal and one third were state. No respondents reported a structured knowledge management program in place within their customer support operation. However one person who responded was occupying a dedicated position in the process of developing such a program, and another reported that other lines of business there had KM programs in place. Those who requested to network on this vital area will be put in touch – my sincere thanks to all who took the time to respond!

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