Government Customer Support Update
for March 2007

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April in May!
I'm delighted to welcome April Harris from the U. S. Office of Personnel Management to the GCSC '07 program. She will share the latest on attracting and retaining talent at the front lines of Government in the 21st Century. Join us in Alexandria and catch her session on Tuesday morning, May 8th!

GCSC '07 Update
Our impressive list of program topics is below. Due to the Federal continuing budget resolution, special payment plans and discounts are available at 425-398-9292. The full program is linked from

Networking Group Topics at GCSC '07
This year's networking group topics will follow next month. If you have suggestions, please forward them ASAP and they will be considered!

Customer Service Week 2007
This year it's October 1-5 -- you'll find details and ideas at

-- CLICK & LEARN! --

Topic: Business Case for Customer Support Initiatives
If you’re a Government employee or Government contract employee, please hit “reply” and respond to the following:

  1. What type of operation do you work in (help desk, call center, web portal, etc.)?
  2. Briefly describe your greatest success in acquiring resources for customer support.
  3. What was your biggest challenge in doing so?
  4. What was your most effective technique or approach?
  5. Do you want to network with others in Government on this topic?
Results will be shared next month at the end of this eletter.


Voice User Interfacing

Call Center Analytics

Testing Customer-Facing Systems

Web Portals

Second Life


Mobile Social Networking

Search Engine Marketing

Next Generation 911


Voice Signatures



Identity Management

Natural Language

VOIP Security

Fed Workforce


eGov list serve
-- To join, email


If you're a Government employee, email me to join the following requested groups:

  1. Position descriptions and compensation for customer support reps [Betty]
  2. Call Recording Systems [Scott]

Award Nominations
Intergovernmental Solutions Awards -- Closes March 7

Speaker Calls
ITIM -- Closes March 5
Digital Government Research -- Closes April 1

Customer Satisfaction Study -- Participants receive results


Putting ITIL, Six-Sigma, and CoBIT to Work -- March 22
-- E-Mail:

Building a Collaborative Culture -- April 4
-- E-Mail:

Managing Information in the Contact Center

-- EVENTS --

Public Service Leadership, DC area, March 6-7

Wireless Technology & Security, Washington, March 7-8

9-1-1 Honors Gala, Washington, March 13
-- E-Mail:

Business Case for Security, Colorado Springs, March 18-20

FOSE, Washington, March 20-22

Capitalizing on Collaboration, Washington, March 23-27

Enterprise Architecture, New Orleans, March 27-29

Survey of Social Media, Washington, March 30

Excellence in Government, Washington, April 4-5

Social Media Summit, Chicago, April 10-13

Multicultural Business, Las Vegas, April 11-13

Enterprise Architecture, DC area, April 18-19
-- E-Mail:

Contract Management Congress, Dallas, April 22-25

Usability Week, Washington, April 22-27

Help Desk Institute Conference, Las Vegas, April 30 - May 3


Agendas, Alternatives, and Public Policies
-- John W. Kingdon --

Who's the Boss?
-- --


"The key to successful leadership in my view is to involve in the decision-making process early and often those who ultimately must carry out the decisions."
-- Robert Gates

Have a wonderful spring!

-- GCSC '07 Program --


  • Advanced leadership
  • Attracting Talent in the 21st Century
  • Call Center Staffing and Scheduling
  • Delivering Advanced Business Presentations
  • Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
  • Empowering Agents to Use Tacit Knowledge
  • Hiring People with Disabilities to Improve Service Levels
  • How to Use Customer Satisfaction Scores
  • ITIL Best Practices
  • Knowledge Management/Self-Service
  • Leading Today's Multigenerational Workforce
  • Metrics and Benchmarking
  • Migrating to Blended Learning for Agents
  • Putting ITIL, Six Sigma, and COBIT to Work
  • Secrets of Successful Stress Management
  • Technology Behind the Business
  • Using Third Parties to Handle Government Support
  • Voice Over IP and Government Support
  • Winning Practices in Government Customer Support for 2007
  • Work-at-Home for Customer Support Operations

Case Studies:

  • Collaboration and Employee Engagement (IRS)
  • Customer Support Continuity During Katrina (Navy)
  • Delivering Recovery Services to Disaster Victims (FEMA)
  • Leveraging Technology to Transform Customer Service (Medicare/Medicaid)


  • Executive Panel on Business Case for Support Initiatives
  • Managing the People Side of Change
  • Putting Citizens First
  • Walking the Tightrope of Life

-- Last Month's "Click and Learn" Responses --

Topic: Displays and prompts for agents
Respondents represented state and local levels. None were using agent displays and prompts! Reasons cited were effort required to implement and maintain as well as choosing instead to train agents to perform effectively without these. Looks like our sector has some catching up to do in this area! Thanks to those who responded!

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