Government Customer Support Update
for January 2007

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Networking Topics @ GCSC
If you'd like to suggest facilitated discussion topics for next May's Government Customer Support Conference ( , please email me ASAP.

GCSEA '07 Nominations
The judges are at work on 46 nominations received from throughout Federal, state, and local Governments for the sixth annual Government Customer Support Excellence Awards. Our finalists will be announced here in the February issue of Cgov eNews and also featured in Federal Technology Magazine. Winners will be announced at Government Customer Support Conference 2007 in Washington on Monday, May 7th. Thanks to all who submitted nominations!

-- CLICK & LEARN! --

If you’re a Government employee or Government contract employee, CLICK HERE and respond to the following:

  1. What type of operation do you work in (help desk, call center, web portal, etc.)?
  2. Briefly describe your group's use, if any, of customer self-service.
  3. What has been your biggest challenge in providing self-service to customers?
  4. Do you want to network with others in Government on the topic of self-service?
Results will be shared next month at the end of this eletter.


State & Local Web Sites

Staffing for Chat

Service Effectiveness vs. Efficiency

eGov Satisfaction


Thumb Drive Security

Fed IT Workforce

Federal Customer Satisfaction


IT Customer Relations


Accuracy Monitoring
Shana at Medicare would like to network with others in Government on call monitoring for quality assurance of response accuracy. Email me if you'd like to join this group.

Computer Services Manager -- Closes January 12

-- EVENTS --

CES Government, Las Vegas, January 10-11

Call Center Summit, Atlanta, January 22-25

Internet Telephony, Ft. Lauderdale, January 23-26

GTC Southwest, Austin, January 29 - February 1

Strategic Internal Communications, Washington, February 12-15

IT Service Management, Las Vegas, February 18-21

Call Center Conference, Miami, February 21-23


“Remember that complex system designs usually signify that solutions have not been completely explored”
-- Mike Hugos

Happy New Year!

-- Last Month's "Click and Learn" Responses --

Networking By Type of Operation
Responses were received from Federal, military and local. Challenges cited included balancing customer needs for face-to-face interaction with agency initiatives to expand on line services, quality assurance of internal customer service from contractors outside direct jurisdiction, and providing timely, professional responsiveness to diverse customer needs. Those who replied were put in touch via email. Thanks to those of you who responded and best wishes for productive interactions!

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