Government Customer Support Update
for August 2007

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Practices Session @ Signature Conference
If you're planning to attend the Signature Customer Service and Support Professionals' Conference in October, be sure to drop by my session on Government customer support practices on Wednesday morning. The latest version of the full program is at I hope to see you there!


Customer Lessons from the Private Sector

Government Web Sites for Kids

Federal Web Sites

Biometric Tokens

Web 2.0 User Analytics

New Power Source for Portable Devices


Government Blogs

Congressional Web Sites


Web Design and Usability Guide

Federal Citizen Service Activity Study

Proactive Customer Service

Open Document Format Standard

Executive IT Glossary
Courtesy of Liza Lowery Massey, The CIO Collaborative

Cross-Boundary Collaboration

Disaster Recovery

Evolving Government Workforce
-- --

Adaptive Organization Model


Customer Call Recording
Results will be shared with all who respond.

If you’re a Government employee or Government contract employee, please hit “reply” and respond to the following:

  1. What type of operation do you work in (help desk, call center, etc.)?
  2. Do you record customer calls?
  3. If so, please briefly share how the recordings are used to improve services.
  4. What systems are you using for this?
  5. Do you want to network with others in Government on this topic?


Share Your Story
Last call for Government practitioner case study proposals for the Signature Customer Service and Support Professionals Conference in Phoenix October 22-24. Contact ASAP if you wish to submit one.

IS Director Opening
Portland, Maine -- Closes August 3.

Integrator Award Nominations
Closes August 3.

Contact Center Technologist Opening
State of North Carolina -- Closes August 9.

Business Intelligence Award Nominations
Closes August 10.

Networking Groups

SPAM Web Feedback.
Jason at IRS would like to network on ways to mitigate spam received as user feedback to web pages through email comments applications.

Impacts of New Contact Management Systems
Seanna at the State of Washington would like to network on observed impacts of new contact management and database systems on call durations, wait times, etc.

If you're a Government employee and would like to join either of these groups, please email me.


Trends in Defense IT
August 9.

Citizen Communication and Web Satisfaction
August 15.

-- EVENTS --

Internal Branding
Chicago, August 6-9

New York, August 20-23

Voice Con
San Francisco, August 20-23

Destination CRM
New York, August 21-22

Performance Based Contracting
Washington, August 28-29

IT Roadmap
Dallas, September 6

Internet Telephony
Los Angeles, September 10-12

Infrastructure Management World
Scottsdale, September 10-12

Call Center Exhibition
San Diego, September 10-13

IPv6/Next Generation Government
DC Area, September 19-20

Business Intelligence Perspectives
Las Vegas, September 24-26

Six Sigma for IT
DC Area, September 16-28

Customer Management
Orlando, September 30 - October 5


Call Center Management on Fast Forward
Brad Cleveland, ISBN 1-932558-06-3

Public Sector Performance

Colin Powell on Leadership


"As we continue to count the dumb things businesses do when communicating with their customers, we would be remiss if we didn't include those famous words, "please hold, your call is important to us."
-- Gary Lemke

Have a great August!

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